Skin Lift: The Revolutionary Bra for Youthful Skin

An Instant Solution to Sagging, Wrinkled, and Dimpled Skin

Designed by Kitty Saarloos

Women around the world have long been searching for a solution to their most universal beauty problem - sagging, wrinkled, and dimpled skin. Inspired by the success story of Sarah Blakely, the inventor of Spanx, Kitty Saarloos set out to find a solution for improving skin texture without the constrictiveness of traditional shape garments.

The result is the Skin Lift bra, a revolutionary design that instantly lifts and smooths the skin, creating a younger and more toned appearance. By attaching human skin onto a specially designed garment using a unique technique, the Skin Lift bra provides an instant tummy tuck and improves overall body shape. Unlike other attempts to lift skin using adhesives, the Skin Lift bra utilizes an anchor garment to securely hold the skin in place, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

The technology behind the Skin Lift bra involves bonding a specially formulated adhesive to a Velcro hook strip, which is then attached to the garment. The inside of the garment is made with brushed nylon fabric, providing a comfortable and secure base for the adhesive. The bonded adhesives are cut into 10 cm strips, 2.5 cm in width, and sold in small packages of 10, making them easily disposable. The garment itself comes in three bra sizes - large, medium, and small - with attachable extensions for added flexibility.

Operating the Skin Lift bra is simple. The wearer attaches the garment below a regular bra, leaving the straps loose. The inside of the garment is then opened, and the adhesive strips are attached to the skin after removing the adhesive strip cover. Finally, the garment straps are pulled up, allowing the wearer to adjust the skin to their desired height for a dramatic effect.

The journey to creating the Skin Lift bra was not without its challenges. Saarloos had to extensively test various adhesives for skin friendliness and strength before finding the right one. Additionally, designing a garment that could lift the skin on the tummy without pulling down the bust proved to be a creative and technical challenge. Ultimately, Saarloos decided to separate the two functions, allowing wearers to choose between wearing a bra with the Skin Lift garment or using it on its own for those who only require tummy lift.

The Skin Lift bra offers instant improvement in skin texture, similar to a tummy tuck, but without the pain, cost, and risks associated with surgery. It is light, comfortable to wear, and improves the shape of the body, giving women the confidence to wear revealing clothes regardless of their age and shape.

The Skin Lift bra, designed by Kitty Saarloos, has already garnered recognition in the design world. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Fashion, Apparel, and Garment Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills while contributing to quality of life improvements.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Taut and Tight
Image Credits: Main image ,photographer:Hansie Oosthuizen. Optional images:Shanyn King
Project Team Members: Kitty Saarloos Chris Joyce Meredith Cibelli Katie Fraser Alvin Nadas Sanyia Ross Fred Saarloos
Project Name: Skin Lift
Project Client: Taut and Tight

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Skin Lift IMG #5

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