Uebaa: A Playful and Aesthetic Branding Design

Creating an Authentic Connection with Children and Parents

The Uebaa brand needed to find its own branding language, which would develop narratives for its final audience, children and their parents, building an affective connection with them. The tone of the brand's speech was rethought and a series of ludic narratives, illustrations, and pictograms were created to bring Uebaa closer to its audience. Applied to surfaces, social media, stationery, the website, and much more, the images are the basis for the exposure of the fun and childlike spirit of the brand.

Based on four pillars - playful, functional, sustainable, and aesthetic - the Uebaa brand manages to have its communication oriented towards the development of products that offer tangible benefits to its public. The pillars are graphically translated by an extensive palette of colors and illustrations that stimulate creativity and imagination. The brand Uebaa starts to communicate in an authentic way through its own and unmistakable visual elements, becoming a reference in its business segment.

Most of the graphic materials were produced in offset in CMYK-scale colors. The original site development was done in PHP language, and the illustrations were developed digitally. The brandbook has a format of 180 x 180 mm with 96 pages. The tag has a sheet format of 50 x 90 mm, printed on offset paper 300 g/m2 with 4X0 colors (CMYK). The card has a sheet format of 50 x 85 mm, printed on offset paper 300 g/m2 with 4X4 colors (CMYK).

The new brand identity project of the Uebaa brand allowed it to appropriate the universe of childlike language with authority, without incurring a model permeated with cliches. The brand identity uses illustrations to pragmatically exemplify its brand basis, namely playful, functional, sustainable, and aesthetic. The visual language is for children, but the brand basis aims to dialogue with parents.

The project started in June 2020 and finished in June 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Laika method, based on the synergy between linguistic and pictorial skills, was used for the underlying research of this design. The brand language encountered significant implementation challenges due to its extensive identity system. The brand book required detailed treatment of the rules and guidelines for use, especially in the integration of identity elements with typography. The line's sub-brands, Toca and Pingo, expanded the Uebaa business model but also required restrictions on the integrated use with the parent brand.

The new Uebaa brand is a deep branding restructuring project, leveraging the brand's speech, consolidated by the brand basis, reengineering of the brand architecture, sub-brands Pingo and Toca, and the conception of a detailed brand identity relevant to the new behavior of the brand. The result of the project consolidated the brand's new business model, allowing dialogue with both the adult public, the purchase decision-maker, and the children's public. Speeches, colors, and shapes invite involvement with unmistakable and proprietary visual narratives.

This Design was awarded Iron in A' Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. The Iron A' Design Award is given to well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, they provide fulfillment and positive feelings, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ruis Vargas
Image Credits: Laika Design
Project Team Members: Ruis Vargas, Creative Director and Illustrator; Agnes Svilenov and Lorenzo Morelatto, graphic designers
Project Name: Uebaa
Project Client: Ruis Vargas

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Uebaa IMG #5

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