Oo2: A Luxurious and Feminine Management Desk

A Functional and Elegant Design by Sepehr Mehrdadfar

Oo2 is a management desk that combines functionality with luxury and elegance. Designed by Sepehr Mehrdadfar, this desk is inspired by the qualities and details of female beauty, particularly the iconic style of Coco Chanel in the 1920s and 1930s. With its black and white color scheme, bronze accents, and delicate legs, Oo2 exudes sophistication and charm.

Oo2 stands out with its unique form, consisting of two cubes. One cube serves as the work surface, while the other acts as a storage box. Both cubes are covered with plates of bent wood, adding visual richness and elegance to the design. Thin legs connect the cubes and provide stability, creating a captivating visual effect.

The goal of designing Oo2 was to create a desk that is not only functional but also exudes a sense of luxury, elegance, and femininity. The simplicity of the design enhances its overall appeal, making it a perfect addition to any office or workspace.

The realization of Oo2 involves the use of wood for the cubes, which are then painted to achieve the desired finish. The curved panels are made of bent and compressed wooden layers, either painted or covered with a steel sheet. A subtle groove is embedded on the work surface, housing a steel bar that defines the area of the leather under the user's hand, adding both beauty and functionality. The drawers are lined with red velvet, and the bronze handles are adorned with jewels, adding a touch of opulence to the design.

With dimensions of 2000mm in width, 900mm in depth, and 760mm in height, Oo2 offers ample workspace while maintaining a compact footprint.

Interacting with Oo2 is a delightful experience. The desk's elegance and beauty are evident in its architectural presence, and attention to detail enhances the overall user experience. The curves, the velvet-lined drawers, and the bronze handles decorated with jewels evoke a sense of perfectionism and self-confidence, creating an exciting and pleasurable workspace.

Designed in 2021 in Tehran, Iran, Oo2 is a testament to Sepehr Mehrdadfar's dedication to creating functional and visually stunning furniture. The design research behind Oo2 draws inspiration from Coco Chanel's vision of modern women, translating it into a desk that embodies elegance and femininity.

Oo2 has received recognition for its outstanding design. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023 in the Office Furniture Design category. This prestigious award is given to well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Oo2's integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics contribute to a better world.

With its combination of functionality, luxury, and elegance, Oo2 is a standout piece of furniture that adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. Whether in a corporate office or a home study, this management desk is sure to impress with its unique design and attention to detail.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sepehr Mehrdadfar
Image Credits: saeed mirtahmasb mahya hoseini
Project Team Members: Sepehr Mehrdadfar
Project Name: Oo2
Project Client: Sepehr Mehrdadfar

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