Jaya Beach Tennis

Corporate Identity Design

Jaya Beach Tennis is a strategic design application for market positioning, catering to beach tennis players, sports supporters, and lifestyle enthusiasts. Developed by Arbo Design, this unique corporate identity design aims to fill market gaps and deliver technical and aesthetic quality. With a focus on accessible performance and innovative aesthetics, Jaya Beach Tennis sets itself apart from the competition.

Jaya Beach Tennis, derived from the Sanskrit word for "victory," seeks to promote the growing sport of beach tennis. Arbo Design embarked on this project by defining the strategic positioning, naming, identity, brand architecture, and product portfolio. The result is a brand that impacts the business and service experience, capturing the audience's attention with its accessible performance and innovative look.

The design draws inspiration from urban living, striking a balance between a cosmopolitan aesthetic and the energy of the beach environment. Elements from city architecture, graffiti, fashion, and vibrant nature's colors are incorporated to create a visually engaging experience.

The rackets themselves are made with a steel frame and a synthetic or natural rubber grip. The strings are typically a combination of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, with additional materials like graphite or foam used in construction if needed. The product dimensions of the racket are 260 cm in width, 500 mm in length, and 22 mm in depth, with a weight of 330 g.

Arbo Design's approach to this project involved extensive research, including desk field studies, focus groups, consumer insights, and trend mappings. By adopting a consumer-centric insights approach, the design team was able to bring innovation and differentiation to the brand. The process also involved conceptualizing, visualizing, realizing, and implementing the design, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded approach.

One of the challenges faced during the design process was creating a verbal language that could be tangible in the context of product development. Arbo Design overcame this challenge by delving deep into the beach tennis universe, building a narrative that brought meaningful concepts to the forefront. This allowed the design to occupy a differentiated and technical space.

Jaya Beach Tennis goes beyond just rackets. The design extends to accessories and apparel that differentiate the brand, making it easily incorporated into daily life. This commitment to the user's routine, rather than just occasional use in sports, sets Jaya Beach Tennis apart.

The project, which began in February 2022 in Brazil and China, was completed in July 2022. The technical developments were carried out in China, with the production set to take place in the same country.

Jaya Beach Tennis has been recognized for its excellence and creativity, receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 in the Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design category. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that showcase resourcefulness, technical skills, and contributions to improving the quality of life.

Image Credits: ARBO design team, Instagram, Freepik, Pexels

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: ARBO design
Image Credits: ARBO design team Instagram Freepik Pexels
Project Team Members: Valkiria Pedri Fialkowski Daniel Kroker Talita Gabriela Manchur Eduardo Timm
Project Name: Jaya Beach Tennis
Project Client: ARBO design

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Jaya Beach Tennis IMG #5

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