Revolutionizing Subway Travel with Jinaga: A Smart Pass System

Designed by Junsoo Choi, Sungmin Kim, and Ara Shin - IDW, Jinaga is a game-changer for the disabled and elderly.

In a world where convenience is paramount, the subway system can be a daunting hurdle for the disabled and elderly. The need to tag a card at the subway ticket gate can pose a significant challenge. Enter Jinaga, a revolutionary smart pass system that aims to make subway travel more accessible and convenient for all. Designed by Junsoo Choi, Sungmin Kim, and Ara Shin from IDW, Jinaga is currently being implemented in Daejeon, South Korea.

The inspiration behind Jinaga was the inconvenience and potential danger that the disabled and elderly face when entering or exiting subway stations. The designers sought to create a system that would allow these individuals to pass through the turnstile easily, without the need to tag a card. The result is a small keyfob that, when carried, triggers the ticket gate to open automatically, much like a car smart key.

What sets Jinaga apart from other systems is its unique properties. The system allows people with disabilities to pass through subway ticket gates without a card tag. With only a small keyfob in hand, the blocked door opens automatically when passing through the ticket gate. The system recognizes it without malfunction in the way of a car smart key. This system is currently being implemented on the subway in the city of Daejeon, South Korea.

The technology behind Jinaga is equally impressive. The key fob contains the PCB with the LF/RF signal attached, and the system module contains the LF/RF signal, mini PC for data processing, and the PCB with the antenna attached. The product is manufactured by plastic injection through a mold and is produced by spray painting. Key Fob is shipped in the form of a necklace with a necklace line added.

The designers faced several challenges in realizing Jinaga. One of the main issues was the frequent recognition errors when using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. in the part where people must be recognized. By combining technology and design with a smart key manufacturer, they were able to create a subway high-pass system that is both reliable and efficient.

Jinaga is more than just a product; it is a testament to the power of design in improving lives. It has been recognized for its innovation and impact, winning the Silver A' Social Design Award in 2023. This award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, Jinaga is a shining example of how design and technology can come together to make the world a more inclusive and accessible place. It is a step towards a future where everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can navigate the world with ease and dignity.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Junsoo Choi
Image Credits: Copyright @ Garin Co. Ltd. (Client) Designed by Infinite Design Works. (Design Agency)
Project Team Members: Junsoo Choi, Sungmin Kim, Ara Shin
Project Name: Jinaga
Project Client: Junsoo Choi

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