The View: A Refined Modern-Style Residence by Ya-Ling Huang

A Magnificent Space Filled with Natural Elements and Hotel-Style Comfort

The View, designed by Ya-Ling Huang, is a stunning residence that combines hotel-style comfort with the beauty of natural elements. This project caters to a family of four, including elderly members, and takes into consideration the unique habits and needs of each occupant. By invoking daylight and incorporating natural elements through large floor-to-ceiling windows, the design team has created a refined modern-style residence that embraces its surroundings.

The main visual wall of The View is the TV wall, which serves as the core of the space. The design team has used precision-cut gray mirrors, spaced 1cm apart, to complement the marble and create a calm and magnificent atmosphere. The use of smooth materials creates an uneven visual effect, adding depth and interest to the space.

To enhance the spaciousness of the long and narrow layout, the design team has employed two techniques. Firstly, all the cabinets have been placed on the facade and aligned with the walls, creating a seamless and open feel. Secondly, the removal of the living room ceiling on the second floor has resulted in a duplex design, increasing both lighting and spaciousness.

The choice of building materials for The View is carefully curated to enhance the overall aesthetic. Materials such as marble, gray mirror, wood grain tile, and leather have been used to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The public areas feature materials with a gorgeous texture, such as stone, iron parts, and gray mirrors, while the private areas continue the tone of the public areas with warm materials like leather, wooden trims, and wood grain tiles.

The View is a 6-story pre-owned house with a total area of 231.4 square meters. It comprises 4 plus 1 rooms, a living room, and a dining room. The layout deviates from the traditional Taiwanese design, with the first floor serving as the entrance and garage, and the second floor becoming the core space for the family's daily activities. The private areas, including the master bedroom, study room, and second bedroom, are located above the third floor.

The design of The View is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The living room, situated on the second floor, benefits from good lighting and a spacious layout. The air-conditioning unit on the second floor has been transformed into a comfortable tatami room, allowing the family to appreciate the starry sky outside the window and enjoy a peaceful retreat.

The View was completed in June 2022 in Taiwan. The design concept was based on extensive research, with a focus on maximizing natural light and creating a light tone with modern design aesthetics. The use of lines and materials such as pink tile flooring and warm wooden flooring adds depth and dimension to the space, resulting in an enlarged vision and layout.

Overcoming challenges such as irregular spaces and large beams, the design team has successfully shaped a square and comfortable layout while increasing storage space. The storage needs of the client's family have been met, and the chaotic visual effect on the walls has been transformed into a harmonious and visually pleasing design.

The public area of The View features smooth marble with natural stone patterns, creating a neutral and elegant backdrop. The cabinets, placed on the same wall, add to the grandeur of the space, while a unique light fixture in the shape of a green bird adds a touch of splendor to the living and dining room. The large floor-to-ceiling windows not only enhance the lighting in the city but also provide breathtaking views for the residents.

The View, designed by Ya-Ling Huang, is a testament to the harmonious integration of hotel-style comfort and natural elements. This refined modern-style residence offers a luxurious and elegant living experience for its occupants.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ya-Ling Huang
Image Credits: Upward Information Design
Project Team Members: Ya-Ling Huang
Project Name: The View
Project Client: Ya-Ling Huang

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