Solar Mars Bot: The Intelligent Energy Storage Robot

Revolutionizing Photovoltaic Power Generation

At present, the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation is influenced by many factors, such as sunny time and incident angle of light. To overcome this problem, Wei Bai, Tao Xu, and Xiaowei Yin from Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd. have designed Solar Mars Bot, an innovative energy storage robot that integrates photovoltaic and energy storage technologies. This groundbreaking design enhances the adaptability of solar power systems to changes in the external environment, effectively improving photoelectric conversion efficiency and providing users with a more intelligent and efficient electricity experience.

Solar Mars Bot is a remarkable achievement in the field of renewable energy. Its intelligent and automatic features set it apart from other energy storage solutions. The top photovoltaic panel of Solar Mars Bot is equipped with an automatic light tracking system, which maximizes power generation without the need for manual intervention on sunny days. Additionally, the robot can automatically detect its power level at night and plan its path to charge if necessary. This level of autonomy ensures optimal energy utilization and convenience for users.

One of the key strengths of Solar Mars Bot is its integration of various technologies. The robot is equipped with 4G modules and various ports, allowing it to move through an app's tracking and location system. This integration of photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging systems enables seamless communication and control, making Solar Mars Bot a versatile and efficient energy solution.

The energy storage module of Solar Mars Bot utilizes a high-rate lithium iron phosphate battery core, which offers a longer cycle life, higher safety, and environmental friendliness. This choice of battery technology not only ensures the longevity of the product but also contributes to sustainable energy practices. Furthermore, the solar panel of Solar Mars Bot adopts the ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) lamination process, which creates a honeycomb structure with a light-trapping effect. This design feature effectively reduces light reflection and improves power generation efficiency.

With dimensions of 1140mm x 815mm x 810mm and a weight of 70kg, Solar Mars Bot is compact and portable. It has a power output of 3000W and a capacity of 5000WH, with a solar panel power of 600W. The integrated photovoltaic energy storage system can store 5 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, providing users with a reliable and sustainable power source.

The development of Solar Mars Bot began in November 2022 in Shenzhen and was completed in February 2023. The design team successfully obtained a patent for the appearance of the robot in February 2023. Throughout the design process, extensive research was conducted to ensure the integration of intelligent sensor modules, a movable chassis, and a light tracking system. Market research, including online research and data from professional research companies, was also conducted to understand the potential impact and demand for such an innovative solution.

Solar Mars Bot overcame several challenges during its development. One of the main challenges was to maximize the light charging efficiency under the integrated design of photovoltaic energy storage. The design team addressed this challenge by incorporating additional solar panels that can be folded. These panels are pushed around by built-in connecting rod motors, increasing the light-receiving area of the photovoltaic panels. The light-tracking sensor detects the illumination angle, automatically calculating the steering angle of the wheels and the mechanical arm to achieve higher light charging efficiency.

The Solar Mars Bot design has received recognition for its ingenuity and impact. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Robotics, Automaton, and Automation Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills, contributing to improvements in quality of life and making the world a better place.

Solar Mars Bot represents a significant step forward in the efficient use of renewable clean energy. By seamlessly integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, and charging systems, this intelligent robot offers a sustainable and intelligent solution for powering our homes and lifestyles.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Image Credits: Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd.
Project Team Members: Wei Bai,Tao Xu,Xiaowei Yin
Project Name: Solar Mars Bot
Project Client: Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd

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Solar Mars Bot IMG #5

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