Thinker: A Magical Kids Library Designed by Brendan Cheung

A Captivating Space for Learning and Imagination

Treasure Kids Library project is quite a challenge, as it is a small area with multi functionalities; mainly acting as a library, it will also have public seminars, kids workshops, teacher training, interactive lessons, storytime, etc., so the design should have a multi-lighting setting, and different floor levels and cave arches to separate different zones. The space integrates bright colors, shapes, and extra large fixtures like curve arches and bookshelves, making it look like fairy tales.

Designed by Brendan Cheung, Thinker is a captivating kids library that sparks imagination and fosters a love for learning. Inspired by Disney movies, this project combines bright colors, streaming shapes, and large fixtures like curve arches and bookshelves to create a magical atmosphere reminiscent of fairy tales. The design also incorporates elements of gardening, providing a natural and inviting backdrop for young minds to explore.

What sets Thinker apart is its versatility and functionality. In addition to being a library, the space is designed to accommodate public seminars, kids workshops, teacher training, interactive lessons, and storytime sessions. To achieve this, the design incorporates multi-lighting settings, different floor levels, and cave arches that separate and define each zone. This allows for seamless transitions between activities and ensures a dynamic and engaging experience for children.

The realization of Thinker posed several challenges. The project involved renovating an existing staff office area in a kindergarten, with a size of approximately 300 square meters. The design had to meet the safety requirements of a kindergarten environment, prioritizing the well-being of the children. Additionally, as the kindergarten had a Christian background, the design incorporated elements of Christian stories, STEM education, and classic fairy tales to create a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Throughout the design process, Brendan Cheung actively involved the children in the decision-making process. Their ideas and input were valued and incorporated into the final design, fostering a sense of ownership and excitement. The project took over a year to complete, with extensive discussions with the principal, teachers, and other stakeholders. The design also had to be approved by various government parties, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Thinker is located in Hong Kong and was completed between July 2022 and February 2023. Its unique design and commitment to creating an immersive learning environment earned it the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award in 2023. This award recognizes designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, resourcefulness, and a commitment to improving quality of life through art, science, design, and technology.

With Thinker, Brendan Cheung has created a space where children can embark on magical adventures through the pages of books, explore their creativity, and develop a lifelong love for learning. This enchanting kids library is a testament to the power of design in shaping the future of education.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Brendan Cheung
Image Credits: Brendan Cheung
Project Team Members: Brendan Cheung
Project Name: Treasure
Project Client: Brendan Cheung

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