Little Green Bud Shampoo: A Packaging Revolution

Biao Wang's Innovative Design Wins Silver A' Packaging Design Award

Introducing the Little Green Bud Shampoo, a unique and innovative packaging design by Biao Wang, which has recently won the Silver A' Packaging Design Award. This design, inspired by the delicate growth of a green bud, aims to revolutionize the way children's shampoos are packaged and perceived.

The inspiration for this design came from the observation that most children's shampoos merely add children's elements on the surface of the bottle, making them hard to distinguish from adult shampoos at first glance. This can be problematic as children's scalps are more tender and vulnerable to damage if adult shampoos are used by mistake. Biao Wang's design, inspired by potted green buds, is easily identifiable and implies that children are growing up like green buds. This innovative packaging is expected to make Plants Mom, the brand behind this product, a preferred choice for consumers.

The unique properties of this design lie in its symbolism and functionality. The green bud symbolizes a growing child, while the bottom of the potted bud, which serves as the shampoo container, represents the natural, plant-based origin of the shampoo. This design is tailored for children aged 3-12 and aligns with the brand concept of Plants Mom. The bottle is made of eco-friendly PE and is designed to withstand a fall from 1 meter high without cracking, ensuring its durability and safety for children's use.

The design was realized using white cardboard for the colored box and eco-friendly PE for the bottle. The inner packaging measures 87.72mm in width, depth, and 137.32mm in height, while the packaging box measures 92mm in width, depth, and 144mm in height. The design is such that the inner packaging can be gripped by one hand, allowing children to wash their hair independently.

The design is not only visually appealing but also interactive. By pressing the head of the green bud with one finger, the shampoo gushes out from the other end where the green bud is. Each press supports precise volume control depending on the child's hair condition. After use, the bottle can be reused as a plant or fruit petri dish, promoting sustainability.

The Little Green Bud Shampoo packaging design project began in February 2022 and was completed in September 2022. The product was available for sale on 30 December 2022. The design was mainly intended for the new generation of parents aged 25-45 with children and is suitable for both children and parents. The distinctive look of the packaging makes it easily distinguishable from other shampoo items on the shelf, enhancing consumer experience and practicality.

The design faced challenges in communicating the brand's commitment to providing safe and secure skin care products for mothers and their children. However, through careful choice of materials and attention to the extraction process and technique, the design successfully conveys the brand's dedication to quality and safety, as careful as a mother takes care of her own child. The Little Green Bud Shampoo packaging design's success is evident in its recent win of the Silver A' Packaging Design Award, a prestigious recognition awarded to designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Biao Wang
Image Credits: Biao Wang
Project Team Members: Wang Biao, Hu Wei, Bu Yalan, Ge Yi
Project Name: Little Green Bud Shampoo
Project Client: Biao Wang

Little Green Bud Shampoo IMG #2
Little Green Bud Shampoo IMG #3
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Little Green Bud Shampoo IMG #5
Little Green Bud Shampoo IMG #5

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