Una Luna Collection: A Symphony of Flavors Encased in Art

Olha Takhtarova's Award-Winning Design Marries Liquor-Infused Chocolates with Artistic Packaging

Una Luna Collection, a unique line of liquor-infused chocolates, is a testament to the artistic prowess of designer Olha Takhtarova. The packaging design, inspired by the energy of each flavor, is a visual treat that complements the gastronomic experience.

Alcoholic candies are often based on liquor, a strong drink infused with fragrant herbs, seeds, and fruits, and enhanced with essential oils. These candies carry a subtle aroma and a spicy aftertaste. Takhtarova's design for the Una Luna Collection takes this concept a notch higher. Each flavor is abstractly represented in the form of unexpected strokes and brush strokes, turning each package into a piece of art.

The uniqueness of the Una Luna Collection lies in its special blend of chocolates. Each piece is infused with a unique liqueur blend, carefully encased in a thin sugar casing, and then dipped in Italian dark chocolate. The flavors range from horseradish tincture and honey to raspberry, orange, and cranberry, offering a tantalizing array for every taste bud.

The packaging technology involves full-color printing on cardboard with the addition of embossing gold foil and the use of selective varnish in areas where the illustration is located. The use of a black background, framed with gold foil and selective varnish, visually highlights the bright touches and unites each flavor in a single line.

Takhtarova's design approach was to convey not just the taste, but the energy behind each flavor. For instance, the taste of horseradish tincture with honey and lemon is conveyed in a swirl of green-blue-yellow strokes, while a tincture on raspberries blooms with bright pink strokes. This departure from the customary practice of conveying taste through the image of ingredients on the package has resulted in a design that artistically expresses the essence of each flavor.

The Una Luna Collection was created in Ukraine between June and October 2022. The collection has been recognized for its creative and professional design, winning the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023. This award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, the Una Luna Collection is more than just a box of chocolates. It is a gastronomic experience wrapped in a work of art, a testament to Takhtarova's ability to marry flavor and design in a unique and appealing way. The collection stands as a shining example of innovation in candy packaging, setting a high bar for future designs in this space.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Olha Takhtarova
Image Credits: Illustration by Olha Takhtarova
Project Team Members: Olha Takhtarova
Project Name: Una Luna Collection
Project Client: Olha Takhtarova

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Una Luna Collection IMG #5

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