Exploring the Intersection of Virtual and Reality with Yu-Chieh Wang

Yu-Chieh Wang's Award-Winning Visual Image Design Exhibition

Yu-Chieh Wang's "Virtual and Reality" is an intriguing exploration of the conflict between abstraction and reality in design. This award-winning visual image design exhibition is a testament to Wang's innovative approach and unique perspective on the design process.

Wang's inspiration for this project stems from the antonyms of emptiness and reality. The combination of these two elements reflects the challenges inherent in the design process, where one may lose their way between the abstract and the real. However, the ultimate goal is to find one's own positioning and objectives. This journey is beautifully encapsulated in the "Virtual and Reality" visual image design exhibition.

The uniqueness of this project lies in its use of two special color printing in all application design. This approach enhances the visual effects of the work, strengthening the idea and performance of the designer's goals. The design applications include graphic design and packaging design, featuring DM, poster design, card, notebook, and stationery design.

Wang's design employs various printing processing technologies such as playing convex, local glazing, special color printing, and origami technology. The integration of packaging design and visual design into a series of works is a testament to Wang's technical prowess and innovative approach.

The exhibition was presented in multiple locations, including Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Exhibition in Tainan City, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, and Kaohsiung City Exhibition Hall in 2023. The design project was completed at the beginning of the year, showcasing the designer's efficient and effective work process.

Despite the challenges faced, such as differing aesthetics and ideas for design creation, Wang's design philosophy remains steadfast. He believes that design makes life beautiful and progressive, solving many life problems. His work, "Virtual and Reality," is an embodiment of this belief, offering a fresh perspective on the design process and its impact on our lives.

Yu-Chieh Wang's "Virtual and Reality" was awarded Silver in A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. This prestigious accolade is a testament to Wang's remarkable design expertise and innovation, showcasing a high level of excellence and evoking positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: CHIA-HUI LIEN
Image Credits: Yu-Chieh Wang,2023
Project Team Members: CHIA-HUI LIEN
Project Name: Virtual and Reality
Project Client: CHIA-HUI LIEN

Virtual and Reality  IMG #2
Virtual and Reality  IMG #3
Virtual and Reality  IMG #4
Virtual and Reality  IMG #5
Virtual and Reality  IMG #5

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