Oat Milk: Innovative Packaging Design

Creating Awareness and Encouraging Consumer Engagement

In choosing the design path of this project, Wallrus Design Studio focused on consumer insight and creating a level of product awareness.

Milk made from oats is a unique and nutritious product that can be used as a substitute for traditional milk. However, many consumers are unaware of its taste and benefits. To address this, Wallrus Design Studio has developed an innovative packaging design for Oat Milk that aims to attract and engage consumers.

The Oat Milk packaging design stands out on store shelves, capturing the attention of potential consumers. The design features vibrant images of young people with different lifestyles, highlighting the uniqueness of the product. Additionally, subtle depictions of a healthy lifestyle are incorporated into the design, enticing consumers to explore the countless properties of Oat Milk.

The design of the Oat Milk packaging was inspired by extensive research and consumer feedback. Questionnaires were distributed to target audience groups, and interviews were conducted with stores and coffee shops to gather insights on the product and its uses. This research helped shape the main direction of the design, ensuring it resonates with the intended audience.

One of the main challenges faced during the design process was the lack of consumer awareness about Oat Milk. To overcome this, the packaging design aims to establish an emotional connection with consumers. By showcasing the benefits and properties of the product through visually appealing imagery, the design encourages consumers to try this unique and nutritious alternative to traditional milk.

The Oat Milk packaging is flexo-printed on a tetrapak aseptic box, ensuring the product remains fresh and protected. The dimensions of the packaging are 85mm in width, 85mm in depth, and 230mm in height, providing ample space for the product and the engaging design.

Wallrus Design Studio, led by Creative Director Matin Mirzaei, undertook this project from January to April 2022 in Iran. The result is an award-winning packaging design that has garnered recognition in the industry. The Oat Milk packaging design received the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 for its outstanding creativity and ingenuity in incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology.

The Oat Milk packaging design by Wallrus Design Studio showcases the potential of innovative packaging to create awareness and engage consumers. With its vibrant imagery and subtle references to a healthy lifestyle, this design invites consumers to explore the unique properties and benefits of Oat Milk.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wallrus Design Studio
Image Credits: Mockup: Wallrus Design Studio
Project Team Members: Creative director: Matin Mirzaei
Project Name: Oat Milk
Project Client: Wallrus Design Studio

Oat Milk IMG #2
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Oat Milk IMG #5

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