Jellybelly: A Unique Intersection of Art and Marine Life

Florian W. Mueller's Award-Winning Photographic Series Captures the Aesthetics of Jellyfish

Florian W. Mueller's Jellybelly is a fine art photography series that beautifully captures the elegance and timeless beauty of jellyfish. This unique artwork, inspired by the fascinating marine species, has been recognized with the prestigious Silver A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award in 2023.

The Jellybelly series is a testament to the aesthetic appeal of jellyfish, one of the most intriguing species in the oceans. Mueller's inspiration stems from the jellyfish's graceful movements, their critical role in the marine ecosystem, and their potential for immortality. This fascination is reflected in the series, where each photograph encapsulates the subtle glow and ethereal beauty of these marine creatures.

Mueller's approach to creating this series is as unique as the subject itself. The photographs were shot in a large aquarium, where Mueller was granted permission to work during the night in complete darkness. The only illumination came from artificial lights inside the aquarium and from the outside, providing the jellyfish with a subtle glow that enhances their natural beauty.

The Jellybelly series stands out for its fine art approach to photography. The photographs are offered in two limited editions: ten pieces in 50 by 50 cm format and five pieces in 80 by 80 cm format. Each piece is printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper, mounted on aluminium, and framed in black oak with a 2 cm shadow gap, adding to the artwork's elegance.

The series has been highly praised for its artistic and technical excellence, earning the Silver A' Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, professional expertise, and innovation, and the Jellybelly series certainly fits the bill.

With Jellybelly, Florian W. Mueller has not only created a captivating series of fine art photographs but also highlighted the aesthetic appeal and ecological importance of jellyfish. This series serves as a reminder of the beauty that lies beneath the ocean's surface, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Florian W. Mueller
Image Credits: Florian W. Mueller
Project Team Members: Photographer: Florian W. Mueller
Project Name: Jellybelly
Project Client: Florian W. Mueller

Jellybelly IMG #2
Jellybelly IMG #3
Jellybelly IMG #4
Jellybelly IMG #5
Jellybelly IMG #5

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