Tai Chi: A Harmonious and Inviting Residential Design

Creating Balance and Flexibility in Living Spaces

This one-story residential bare-shell unit is an opportunity to create an inviting and harmonious living space. The main traffic flow passes through the entrance foyer, branching out to the left and right. The color scheme is elegant, soft, and calming, setting the tone for the open and inviting public space. This sensible division of living space is akin to Tai Chi, balancing two modes into one harmonious unity, while also providing the flexibility to stand alone.

The Tai Chi design, created by Kao Jui-Chang, is an exceptional interior design project that showcases the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the different preferences of the homeowners, this design aims to create a space that allows them to live together while maintaining their independent schedules and activities.

The unique feature of this design lies in its ability to divide the functional places while using soft, tender, and graceful colors to express an absolute carefree and cozy atmosphere. The space is intelligently planned, with the main traffic flow passing through the entrance foyer and branching out to the left and right. This division of living spaces is reminiscent of the flowing movements of Tai Chi, where harmony and flexibility are key.

To realize the concept of a healthy house, the Tai Chi design focuses on using toxic-free and breathable materials. The walls and floors of the public spaces are covered with large bricks of stone, giving them a hard, quality, and smooth finish. Beige frosted stone materials are used for certain design details, adding harmony and warmth to the residence. Mineral paints are applied to the ceilings, while no oil paint is used for the walls to avoid the evaporation of toxic smells.

Brevity, orderliness, health, and skin friendliness are the core themes of this project. Every detail, from the tone control ceilings installed with imported sound insulation mats for acoustic effects to the anti-crack meshes between tiles and walls, is meticulously designed to enhance the quality of living. The Tai Chi design also incorporates advanced technologies for living, such as linear lighting, HiFi mounts, full heat exchangers, and air-conditioning systems, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for the homeowners.

The Tai Chi design project was completed in March 2021 in Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a testament to the designer's meticulous research and attention to detail. By avoiding style limitations and focusing on the human experience, the Tai Chi design creates a space where the homeowners can truly feel at ease. This exceptional design has been recognized with the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023, showcasing its outstanding creativity and contribution to quality of life improvements.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Kao Jui-Chang
Image Credits: Kao Jui-Chang
Project Team Members: Kao Jui-Chang
Project Name: Tai Chi
Project Client: Kao Jui-Chang

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Tai Chi IMG #5

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