Jiangshiguo State Liquor: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Exquisite Packaging Reflects Chinese Ingenuity and Liquor Culture

Designed by Hai Zhu, the Jiangshiguo State Liquor packaging is a testament to the spirit of Chinese ingenuity. It's a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a tribute to the rich Chinese liquor culture.

The inspiration behind this design is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The packaging is an embodiment of exploration, persistence, refinement, sharing, and inheritance of Chinese ingenuity. It aims to boost the confidence in Chinese culture by introducing consumers to the Chinese liquor culture through its simple yet exquisite package.

What sets Jiangshiguo State Liquor apart is its unique packaging design. This limited collection jiang-flavor liquor package symbolizes China's prosperous lands and rivers through vivid relievo. It integrates the spirit of ingenuity of Chinese liquor-makers, presenting a unique and classic flavor of Chinese liquor.

The bottle cap, made of solid wood and metal, features the richer texture of wood grain and gilding. The surface is outlined with golden lines and core elements, including the trend lines of mountains and golden dots, echoing the bottle design. The sides are illustrated with auspicious clouds and Loong, the most representative Chinese patterns, symbolizing the noble Chinese emperors and a prosperous country.

The design is not just about aesthetics, but also functionality. The relievo of mountain trend lines on the bottle follows ergonomics, making it a high-end gift that also fits hands for an easier grip. The package can be pulled and opened, offering consumers a stronger sense of ritual compared to common cap-opening liquor bottles.

Jiangshiguo State Liquor was developed in Chengdu, China, in May 2021 and launched in Guizhou in May 2022. The design process involved extensive research into the liquor culture represented by Baijiu, a Chinese liquor that has been spread for thousands of years. This research aimed to raise social awareness of traditional Chinese culture, leading to the inheritance and spread of Chinese liquor culture.

Despite the challenges faced, including the innovative use of convex trend lines of mountains and golden dots as the major elements, the design successfully symbolizes the prosperous lands and rivers. The gradual color on the product package changes from light blue to ink blue, presenting a view of the blue sky and lush mountains, and intuitively conveying the increasingly stronger flavor over time.

The design's excellence was recognized with a Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. It's a testament to the design's strong technical characteristics and splendid artistic skill, showcasing a remarkable level of excellence.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Zhu Hai
Image Credits: Zhu Hai
Project Team Members: Zhu Hai
Project Name: Jiangshiguo State Liquor
Project Client: Zhu Hai

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Jiangshiguo State Liquor IMG #5

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