Cyber Element: A Sleek and Readable Smartwatch Face

A Minimalist Design with a Cyberpunk Aesthetic

The Cyber Element smartwatch face combines futuristic and simplistic styles to create a sleek and readable design. Designed by Alex Pan Yong, this cyberpunk-inspired watch face breaks away from the conventional approach of cramming excessive information onto the display. Instead, it prioritizes readability and clarity, making it a perfect choice for those who value both style and functionality.

This cyberpunk-inspired watch face boasts a minimalist design that focuses on readability. The large, easy-to-read numbers make telling time a breeze, while the unique dial layout ensures that information on battery life, date, and daily steps is readily available. Despite its minimalistic appearance, this watch face still manages to provide all the necessary information in a quick and efficient manner.

The Cyber Element smartwatch face stands out with its clean and easy-to-read layout. Unlike most cyberpunk designs that feature tiny, unreadable text and numbers, this design prioritizes legibility. The time text is dominant, with visual variation in the font. The upper half of the font is in a solid stroke, while the lower half fades into a pattern of dots, creating a digital yet cyberpunk feeling.

Below the time text, the day-in-week indicator uses only the first letter of the day, such as "M" for Monday. This indicator not only provides information but also acts as a space divider, cutting the watch face into two areas: the time and date area and the information area. This layout ensures the dial's preciseness and allows the user to focus on what they really need without any extra elements occupying space.

The Cyber Element smartwatch face is currently available in the WatchMaker version. To change the 12/24 mode, simply tap the small dot at the lower left corner below the hour. To choose the color theme, tap and hold to access the native WatchMaker color palette.

This design is compatible with both round and square smartwatches, with dimensions of 512 x 512px on Android watches and 400 x 400px on Samsung watches.

The Cyber Element smartwatch face was created by Alex Pan Yong in Singapore, with the project starting and finishing in September 2022. The design reflects extensive research and a desire to combine a cyberpunk style with high readability.

With its sleek cyberpunk aesthetic and minimalist design, the Cyber Element smartwatch face is a standout choice for both casual and entertainment settings. Experience the fusion of simplicity and complexity of information with this unique and stylish watch face.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Pan Yong
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Pan Yong, Main image, 2023. Image #2: Photographer Pan Yong, Single shot, 2023. Image #3: Photographer Pan Yong, Single shot, 2023. Image #4: Photographer Pan Yong, Single shot, 2023. Image #5: Photographer Pan Yong, Single shot, 2023.
Project Team Members: Pan Yong
Project Name: Cyber Element
Project Client: Pan Yong

Cyber Element IMG #2
Cyber Element IMG #3
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Cyber Element IMG #5
Cyber Element IMG #5

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