Revolutionizing Workspace: The Mas Corporate Headquarters

Alex Chiang's Award-Winning Design Fosters Creativity and Collaboration

In the heart of Shanghai, a new corporate headquarters stands as a testament to the power of innovative design. The Mas Corporate Headquarters, designed by Alex Chiang, is a stunning blend of form and function, creating an open, artistic, and interesting environment that encourages communication and creativity.

The design of the Mas Corporate Headquarters is rooted in three main concepts: penetration, extension, and art. The space is dominated by the company's main colors of black, white, and gray, intersected with vibrant orange accents. Simple geometric lines serve as the design language, creating an open and dynamic space. The design aims to inspire creative thinking and foster communication among staff, while also providing ample freedom in spatial planning.

Chiang's design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It introduces acoustic and intelligent elements, reduces fixed decoration, and achieves a lightweight effect. The overall space is visually enlarged through penetration, creating an infinite extension effect from any angle. This thoughtful design ensures that the workspace is not just functional, but also visually stimulating and inspiring.

The artistic element of the design is inspired by Mondrian, a pioneer of Neoplasticism. Abstract shapes and neutral colors convey order and balance. The space connects the pantry and the bar, serving as a versatile area for employees to rest, hold group meetings, or even transform into a lecture hall for up to 50 people. Acoustic planning and sound-absorbing plates ensure that activities in this area do not interfere with the rest of the office space.

Despite the challenges posed by geometrically segmented ceilings and the need to balance functionality with aesthetics, Chiang's design successfully creates a workspace that is both efficient and inspiring. The use of transparent glass as partitions extends and penetrates the space, creating a seamless integration of rationality and function.

The Mas Corporate Headquarters is not just a workspace, but a testament to the power of innovative design. It was awarded Silver in the A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a prestigious accolade that recognizes top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs. This award is a testament to Chiang's outstanding expertise and innovation, and his ability to create a design that not only meets functional needs, but also inspires and amazes.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Alex Chiang
Image Credits: Alex Chiang
Project Team Members: Alex Chiang
Project Name: Mas Corporate Headquarters
Project Client: Alex Chiang

Mas Corporate Headquarters IMG #2
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Mas Corporate Headquarters IMG #5

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