Love Infirmary: A Harmonious and Innovative Health Center

Revitalizing Ren-ai Elementary School's Infirmary

The Love Infirmary, designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan, is a remarkable renovation project that has transformed the infirmary at Ren-ai Elementary School in Taipei city. Inspired by the harmonious coexistence of water ripples, this health center combines functionality and aesthetics to create a soothing and efficient space for students in need of medical care.

The original infirmary faced several challenges, including insufficient circulation, a lack of natural light, and inadequate storage for medical equipment. To address these issues, the design team embraced biophilic principles, introducing more natural light, incorporating natural textures and materials, and implementing smooth curved surfaces.

The Love Infirmary is characterized by its unique circular layout, with each circle representing a specific function within the space, such as the nurse's office, beds, breastfeeding rooms, and counter. These circular elements not only provide a clear path for injured students to find the nurse and receive treatment but also create a calming atmosphere that helps alleviate anxiety.

The design team utilized wood carpentry and prefabricated furniture components, which were then assembled on-site. Additionally, the majority of surfaces were treated with an anti-alcohol finish for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic environment in line with the health center's purpose.

With dimensions of 14 meters in width, 9.5 meters in depth, and 3.3 meters in height, the Love Infirmary covers a total area of 110 square meters. Its thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in a space that not only meets the functional requirements of a health center but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the school.

The Love Infirmary project commenced in September 2021 with the design proposal and was selected in November 2021 in Taipei city, Taiwan. Construction was completed in March 2022, and the space was officially opened to the public in April 2022. The project was part of a larger design movement on campus initiated by the Taiwan Design Research Institute and supported by the Ministry of Education, aimed at promoting students' aesthetic sense through the integration of high-quality design in educational spaces.

The Love Infirmary has received recognition for its outstanding design and creativity. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon designs that demonstrate exceptional ingenuity, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. The Love Infirmary stands as a testament to the designers' technical and creative skills, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for students and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Image Credits: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Project Team Members: Design: Daisuke Nagatomo, Minnie Jan Construction: USEMIND SPATIAL DESIGN CO., LTD
Project Name: Love Infirmary
Project Client: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan

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Love Infirmary IMG #5

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