Talbica: An Interactive Periodic Table

A Reinvention of Chemistry Education

Talbica, designed by Andrew Marcus, is an innovative and interactive periodic table that combines the worlds of chemistry, design, and technology. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, Talbica revolutionizes the way students and professionals engage with the periodic table.

Talbica was born out of Andrew Marcus' passion for chemistry and his desire to merge it with his skills in design and programming. As a student, Marcus was captivated by the periodic table and saw it as a piece of data art. He recognized the potential to create an interactive platform that would bring the periodic table to life and enhance the learning experience for students.

What sets Talbica apart from other periodic table resources is its interactivity and comprehensive information. Clicking on an element opens a detailed card with data, infographics, and even an atomic model. With almost 90 high-resolution photos of rare elements, Talbica boasts the largest collection available.

One of Talbica's standout features is its heat maps, which visualize property data across the table using a vivid gradient of colors. This allows users to easily identify patterns and trends in element properties. Additionally, Talbica includes a Smart Field that enables users to search for compounds and solve reactions. The search field provides suggestions and allows users to explore 3D models and more.

Technologically, Talbica is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery), making it accessible across various platforms. Marcus developed his own parsers on Node.js to gather element data from open-source chemistry websites. Talbica is available as a website and mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Throughout the development process, Marcus faced several challenges. The most significant hurdle was finding and preparing the database of compounds and reactions. While he obtained the first database from an open-source platform, he had to manually transfer and fix the data from a printed reference book for reactions. This meticulous process took him a month to complete.

Talbica has garnered recognition and acclaim for its innovative design and practicality. In 2023, it was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Website and Web Design category. This prestigious award is given to designs that meet professional and industrial requirements while integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics.

Talbica is not only a valuable tool for students studying chemistry but also serves as a reference for laboratory workers. Its comprehensive database of chemical reactions and compounds makes it an indispensable resource. Whether accessed through the website or mobile applications, Talbica provides an engaging and informative experience for users.

Andrew Marcus' dream of reinventing the periodic table has become a reality with Talbica. Its unique features, interactivity, and comprehensive information make it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in chemistry and its applications.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Andrew Marcus
Image Credits: Andrew Marcus
Project Team Members: Andrew Marcus
Project Name: Talbica
Project Client: Andrew Marcus

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