Black Beans: A Bold Fusion of Brazilian Marketing Powerhouses

Deborah Avila's Award-Winning Branding for the New Marketing Agency

Black Beans, a new marketing agency birthed from the merger of two leading companies in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been awarded the Silver A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. The agency's logo and identity, designed by Deborah Avila, embody the robust and premium capabilities of the company in the digital market.

Beans, a staple in Brazilian cuisine, symbolize strength and indispensability, making them the perfect inspiration for the Black Beans logo. The logo design process involved a day of research, drawing inspiration from modern and elegant premium brands like Uber and Mastercard, followed by a day of creation. The result is a logo that is as bold as its namesake, with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo, with the typography carefully chosen to reflect the brand's essence. The main typography, Briston Typeface, was modified to match the brand’s meaning. An additional element was illustrated on top of the 'b' in 'beans', the 'e' and 'a' were connected to symbolize the union of the two merging companies, and a simple, minimalist bean was added as the dot at the end.

The logo and identity were created in a tight timeframe of two days, following the two-month naming process. Despite the time constraints, the design was thoroughly analyzed and the result was well-received, with the logo being approved by the entire company and put into use immediately.

The brand’s design matches its new creative direction, portraying an elegant, modern, and sophisticated brand identity. It is already in use by the agency, with its goal of finding clients that match the new brand’s modern style. The design process was not without its challenges, including the initial direction to incorporate a flame into the logo, a feature of the two previous logos. However, the final design, inspired by the strength and power of beans, was a resounding success.

Black Beans' logo and identity are a testament to the power of effective branding. The design's success is a reflection of the agency's elevated position in the digital market, and its award-winning status is a testament to the skill and creativity of its designer, Deborah Avila.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Deborah Avila
Image Credits: Logo proprietor: Black Beans Digital Marketing Mockups used in all images: Creative Market Video Credits: Black Beans Digital Marketing
Project Team Members: Art Director and Graphic Designer: Deborah Avila
Project Name: Black Beans
Project Client: Deborah Avila

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Black Beans IMG #5

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