Milk Fit: A Fresh Approach to Dairy Packaging

Li Huang's Award-Winning Design Marries Sustainability and Aesthetics

Li Huang's Milk Fit packaging design, a winner of the prestigious Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, is a unique blend of environmental consciousness and youthful appeal. This design not only captures the essence of high-quality fresh milk but also conveys a strong message of biodiversity, farm animal welfare, and stray animal rescue.

The inspiration behind Milk Fit's design stems from the exploration of environmental protection and public welfare. The image of a little green cat, the visual core of the packaging, is a nod to the taste of young people and the brand's philosophy. The green color represents the ecological environment of the farm, while the cat establishes an emotional connection with the younger demographic. This design aims to interpret the quality of high-end fresh milk while promoting biodiversity and cow welfare.

Milk Fit is not your average milk packaging. It stands out with its light-hearted emotion, light dietary burden, and a highly translucent PET bottle, symbolizing high-quality fresh milk. The little green cat, depicted in various postures, echoes the brand's stray animal rescue campaign, further reinforcing the brand's commitment to biodiversity and animal welfare.

Produced using PET high permeability bottles, PE bottle caps, and BOPP labels, Milk Fit is a testament to innovative design realization technology. The set comprises three 450ml bottles, each measuring 69*69*164.2mm. The label communicates the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development to users through recycled icons.

The design process, which took place in Shanghai, China, began in November 2021 and concluded with the product's launch in July 2022. The project was based on research that highlighted the growing preference among young people for fresh milk that is light on the body. Milk Fit, with its low fat and calorie content, meets this demand while promoting a healthy diet concept.

One of the challenges faced during the design process was to present the high nutrition, light burden, low fat and calorie content of fresh milk in an intuitive way. The highly translucent PET bottle, which gives a glass-like texture, and the image of the little green cat, perfectly interpret the biodiversity in the farm and cow welfare. They also give the product the deep meaning of rescuing stray animals.

Li Huang's Milk Fit is a testament to the power of design in conveying a brand's philosophy and values. By marrying aesthetics with a strong message of environmental protection, animal welfare, and sustainable development, this design has not only won a prestigious award but also won the hearts of its young consumers.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Mengniu Fresh Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Mengniu Fresh Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: Li.Huang
Project Name: Shiny Meadow Milk Fit
Project Client: Mengniu Fresh Dairy Products Co., Ltd

Shiny Meadow Milk Fit IMG #2
Shiny Meadow Milk Fit IMG #3
Shiny Meadow Milk Fit IMG #4
Shiny Meadow Milk Fit IMG #5
Shiny Meadow Milk Fit IMG #5

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