Enash: A French Restaurant Transcending Dimensions

Shunsuke Ohe's Award-Winning Design Offers an Unparalleled Dining Experience

Enash, a French restaurant in Osaka, Japan, is a testament to the innovative design prowess of Shunsuke Ohe. The restaurant's unique design, inspired by the concept of 'other dimensions', has earned it the prestigious Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

Enash's design is a study in contrasts. The first floor, housing the entrance, waiting area, restrooms, and staff room, is a quiet space of stillness. The second floor, on the other hand, is a dynamic space of movement, featuring a seating counter, open kitchen, and kitchen room. This floor is enveloped in a vibrant purple hue, with the ceiling and walls seamlessly connected by seven large purple skins. The theme of 'other dimension' is brought to life in this space, offering diners an extraordinary experience.

The restaurant's unique properties lie in its thoughtful design elements. The open counter, where a top chef prepares exquisite French cuisine, is a symbolic feature of the restaurant. With only ten seats available, Enash offers the ultimate luxury dining experience. The walls on either side of the counter are adorned with moss artwork, perfectly complementing the purple space.

Enash's design realization technology involves the use of acryl paint for the ceiling and walls, wood grain sheets, magnetic tiles, and natural marble for the counters. The project area spans 50.3 sqm on the first floor and 54.0 sqm on the second floor. The design was realized between August and December 2022.

The design research for Enash involved the innovative use of light. Extremely thin slit lights are embedded in the overlapping skins, providing both base and indirect lighting. Above the natural marble counter are ten tiny pin spotlights, designed to illuminate the food on the counter. This lighting design, coupled with the moss artwork on the walls, creates the perfect ambiance to enjoy the finest French cuisine.

Enash's design posed several challenges. In a time when global epidemics have deeply disturbed people's spirits, Shunsuke Ohe aimed to create a space where people could escape from the chaos of the world and enjoy a peaceful and happy time with people they trust. Enash, with its superb French cuisine and extraordinary space, is indeed such a space.

The design of Enash is credited to LUSTYdesign Inc., with photography by Nana Tajima from ToLoLo studio. The unique design of Enash, which offers an extraordinary space to enjoy French cuisine, is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Shunsuke Ohe. It is indeed a perfect situation to enjoy the cuisine.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SHUNSUKE OHE
Image Credits: Photograph : NANA TAJIMA by ToLoLo studio
Project Team Members: SHUNSUKE OHE
Project Name: Enash
Project Client: SHUNSUKE OHE

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Enash IMG #5

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