Waaron Kuu's: A Unique Branding Design Celebrating Malaysia's Cultural Diversity

Creating a Distinctive Restaurant Experience

There are many restaurants that serve traditional food in Malaysia. However, the overall design theme with a symbolic representation of the culture in a restaurant is rare. In order to solve this problem, designer Shawn Goh Chin Siang developed a distinctive brand name - Waaron Kuu's.

Waaron Kuu's is a brand named after the street food culture of Malaysia. It is also a restaurant that represents the 6 main ethnic cultures in Malaysia. In order to create a cohesive branding, each character design representing their respective culture uses a dark purple to express their cultural beliefs and values. Traditional games, musical instruments, and local cultural elements are used as decorations for the restaurant. A variety of paintings are placed in different corners of the restaurant too. From tableware such as bowls and plates to takeaway packaging, each consists of designs that represent the ethnic cultures in Malaysia. The overall design theme not only appeals to the customers but also creates a unique brand identity for the restaurant.

In order to provide a different dining experience, a large amount of time was also spent on art curation within the restaurant. Custom artworks that highlight cultural significance are displayed on the wall, which will evoke a sense of awe from the customers. Besides, all materials used are recyclable.

When executing the brand, the team researched local restaurants with ethnic styles and visited each one to gain insight. However, they faced the challenge of how to represent the cultures of the six major ethnic groups. After all, some cultures require in-depth understanding, such as the contemporary lifestyles and religious cultures of the ethnic groups. Only then can they capture the essence of each culture in their illustrations and bring out their unique flavors.

Waaron Kuu's is a restaurant that represents the six major ethnic cultures of Malaysia. To highlight the overall beauty of the brand, the team used deep purple to emphasize each cultural character and added traditional games and instruments. They also used various local elements to decorate the illustrations, placed in different corners of the restaurant and on bowls and packaging. The design not only presents the six major ethnic cultures of Malaysia but also creates a unique brand image for the restaurant.

This Design was awarded Bronze in A' Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. The Bronze A' Design Award is bestowed upon outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness. Esteemed for incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology, they exhibit strong technical and creative skills and contribute to quality of life improvements, making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Shawn Goh Chin Siang
Image Credits: All imagery copyrights Shawn Goh Design Lab. Sdn Bhd.
Project Team Members: Shawn Goh Chin Siang
Project Name: Waaron Kuu's
Project Client: Shawn Goh Chin Siang

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Waaron Kuu's IMG #5

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