Intangible Heritage: A Fusion of Tradition and Modern Design

Zhou Xiaoshu's Award-Winning Illustrations Illuminate China's Cultural Heritage

Renowned designer Zhou Xiaoshu brings China's intangible cultural heritage to life through a series of captivating illustrations. Using modern design language and computer technology, Xiaoshu transforms traditional elements into contemporary visual narratives, promoting cultural appreciation and innovation.

Zhou Xiaoshu's project, titled "Intangible Heritage," draws inspiration from the fusion of traditional culture and modern design. The illustrations depict three significant aspects of China's intangible cultural heritage: the Zigong Lantern Festival, Pipa Art, and Longquan Celadon. By integrating computer technology with traditional art, Xiaoshu creates a unique blend of creativity, design, and application, aiming to educate the public about China's rich cultural heritage.

These illustrations are not merely static images; they are interactive visual experiences. They engage the audience with their elegant visual effects, combining modern aesthetic illustrations with traditional culture to stimulate aesthetic interest. The goal is not only to attract viewers but also to immerse them in the cultural narratives being portrayed.

Xiaoshu's project was realized using Illustrator vector design software, complemented by high-level printing and manufacturing technology. This combination enhances the visual impact of the posters and showcases the exquisite details of the illustrations. The technical specifications of the prints are 800mm (H) x 800mm (W) in sheet size, with a data size of 1800mm (H) x 800mm (W), 300dpi, RGB.

The project, launched in China in 2022, faced several challenges. The most significant was accurately capturing the essence of the three intangible cultural heritages and integrating them with modern aesthetics and computer technology. However, through diligent research and creative problem-solving, Xiaoshu successfully overcame these hurdles.

For his outstanding work, Zhou Xiaoshu was awarded the Silver A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes top-tier, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that demonstrate exceptional expertise and innovation. Xiaoshu's "Intangible Heritage" project is a testament to his artistic skill and his commitment to promoting China's intangible cultural heritage.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xiaoshu Zhou
Image Credits: Image #1 : Illustration Zhou Xiaoshu&Huo kai, 2022. Image #2 : Illustration Zhou Xiaoshu, 2022. Image #3 : Illustration Zhou Xiaoshu, 2022. Image #4 : Illustration Zhou Xiaoshu, 2022. Image #5 : Illustration Zhou Xiaoshu, 2022.
Project Team Members: Xiaoshu Zhou
Project Name: Intangible Heritage
Project Client: Xiaoshu Zhou

Intangible Heritage IMG #2
Intangible Heritage IMG #3
Intangible Heritage IMG #4
Intangible Heritage IMG #5
Intangible Heritage IMG #5

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