Royal Grandeur: A Palace Atrium by B5 Design

Baroque-Inspired Interior Design Celebrates Elegance and Luxury

Unveiling the Royal Grandeur, a palace atrium by B5 Design, inspired by the timeless elegance of 17th and 18th-century Baroque style. This award-winning design showcases a harmonious blend of classic architecture and modern functionality.

The Royal Grandeur is a testament to the grandeur of classic Italian architecture. The design was born out of a study and analysis of some of the best buildings and palaces from past ages. The central atrium, a unique feature of the design, connects all floors with a total height of 12 meters, serving as the main circulation area that includes elevators, staircases, and corridors. This design strategy defines the entire palace, with highly carved patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling all harmoniously blended together in a warm neutral color scheme.

The realization of this design was achieved through a timeless approach that exemplifies elegance and comfort. The basic elements of the sketch in terms of function and shape were taken into account, and the main lines were determined to give a sense of harmony. The choice of furniture, lighting, and decoration was carefully considered to suit the layout. The walls consist of grg coated wall with classic decorative moulding and heavy texture wallpaper, and cove lights on it. The flooring is made of luxury water jet and stone vintage style by customized color Italian marble, Bianco Vienna, Light and Dark Embrador. The ceiling is of 12mm thickness suspended Knauf gypsum board of grg mouldings.

Despite the challenges posed by the height of the space and the need to hide the air conditioning system, B5 Design managed to achieve an elegant look in a classic way without adding excessive details in the carvings and walls. The materials were combined to offer solidity while providing pleasure to the eye and touch. The project, which started in May 2017 and finished the fitout works in 2021, is located in Doha, Qatar.

The design is based on the idea of "Revival of classic architecture", aiming to recreate classic architecture in a different way in terms of the materials used and the shape in general. This approach has led to the creation of a design that not only pays homage to the past but also embraces the future. The Royal Grandeur was awarded Silver in A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

In conclusion, the Royal Grandeur by B5 Design is a perfect blend of classic architecture and modern design. It is a celebration of the timeless elegance of the Baroque style, brought to life through a harmonious blend of form, function, and luxury. The design is a testament to B5 Design's commitment to excellence and innovation, and a worthy recipient of the prestigious A' Design Award.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: B5 Design
Image Credits: copyrights belong to B5 Design Qatar
Project Team Members: Ahmed Farghaly Ayman Elmahdi
Project Name: Royal Grandeur
Project Client: B5 Design

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Royal Grandeur IMG #5

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