Stylia Hair: A Modern and Elegant Hair Salon

Creating a Fashionable Trend Environment

Stylia Hair, designed by Xiaobing Yao, is a hair salon that stands out with its unique and vibrant design. Inspired by a rose pink sign logo, the salon combines modern elements with vitality to create a visually stunning space. The use of red and blue linear combinations with a folding effect opens up the windows, providing a fashionable and trendy environment. The intertwining space blocks and the hierarchy of polylines create a sense of order at the entryway.

The strength of Stylia Hair lies in its original and pure design aesthetics, which are enhanced by its fantastic location and fashion-forward audience. The philosophy of "less is more" is embraced to create a balanced play of light and shadow, resulting in a vibrant artistic atmosphere. The collision of two colors generates an aesthetic flow that adds movement and vitality to the space.

The main materials used in the project include floor glue, latex paint, glass, and acrylic. With a total area of 188 square meters, Stylia Hair offers a spacious and inviting environment for its customers.

In addition to the central VIP room, the salon is divided into two parts: the office area and the display area. The office area is designed in pink, while the display area is adorned in blue, creating a distinct separation between the two spaces.

The project, which started in March 2020 and was completed in May 2020, is located in Guangzhou, China. The design is based on extensive research, with a focus on creating a soft and mellow atmosphere. The simple and comfortable workplace furniture allows workers to access a different perspective of beauty and find their true selves.

One of the design challenges was to create a harmonious balance between the red and blue colors used throughout the space. By altering viewpoints, visitors can experience different landscapes, showcasing the brilliant design aesthetics concepts. The use of blue and gray walls with their original texture creates a sense of returning to nature without elaborate embellishments.

Stylia Hair is not just a hair salon; it is an art and commercial space that caters to female customers. The expression of color and emotional interaction are key elements in the design. The complete arc surrounding the central area, the use of a whole light source as the ceiling, and the frosted glass partitions create a transparent and relaxing space for customers.

Stylia Hair has been recognized for its outstanding design and creativity. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that incorporate best practices in art, science, design, and technology, contributing to improvements in quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xiaobing Yao
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Qiang Dou, Stylia Hair, 2020. Image #2: Photographer Qiang Dou, Stylia Hair, 2020. Image #3: Photographer Qiang Dou, Stylia Hair, 2020. Image #4: Photographer Qiang Dou, Stylia Hair, 2020. Image #5: Photographer Qiang Dou, Stylia Hair, 2020.
Project Team Members: Chief Designer: Xiaobing Yao
Project Name: Stylia Hair
Project Client: Xiaobing Yao

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Stylia Hair IMG #5

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