Valerii Sumilov's Bolgrad: A Tribute to Classic Italian Sparkling Wines

Bringing Italian Traditions to Life with Innovative Design and Packaging

Valerii Sumilov's Bolgrad is a unique line of Italian sparkling wines that encapsulates the spirit, atmosphere, and perception of real Italian sparkling wines. The design is a tribute to classic Italian winemaking traditions, with a focus on style, breed, brevity, and a special mood and sensation.

The Bolgrad brand is expanding its product range, and its portfolio now includes a line of classic Italian sparkling wines. These wines are produced and bottled in Italy under the supervision of Bolgrad. The task was to create a comprehensive branding of a collection of classic Italian sparkling wines, which was accomplished with a unique bottle design, brand concept development, trade mark design, and package design.

The design process was inspired by the bubbles that are so pleasing on hot summer days. This image was taken as the central one and made into an eye-stopper — the main, attention-grabbing element of the label. As a result, the label has a unique cut-out — three bubbles form a cut-through. Through the holes, one can see the product itself, adding additional visual value to the product and attracting the consumer's attention.

The use of advanced post-printing processes was thoughtfully planned out for the label. Their combination and use won't go unappreciated by the consumer. Special art paper, a tactile varnish, foil stamping, and embossing were used to create the label. Together, all this creates the overall image of the product and makes it attractive to the consumer.

The project started in summer 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine. Market research on the competitive shelf was conducted, and as a result, it became clear that Italian sparkling wines are not only about style, breed and brevity. But also mood, atmosphere, a special feeling and passion. That is what was reflected in the design.

The Bolgrad line of Italian sparkling wines is a tribute to the classic Italian traditions of winemaking. The goal was to highlight the brand's freshness, its aspiration for the future. To ensure that the product doesn't just stay relevant on the market as long as possible but remains years ahead of its main competitors in terms of its appearance. This Design was awarded Silver in A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Valerii Sumilov
Image Credits: Image #1 : Creator Valerii Sumilov / Visualizer Maxim Kulikov Image #2 : Creator Valerii Sumilov / Visualizer Maxim Kulikov Image #3 : Creator Valerii Sumilov / Visualizer Maxim Kulikov Image #4 : Creator Valerii Sumilov / Visualizer Maxim Kulikov Image #5 : Creator Valerii Sumilov / Visualizer Maxim Kulikov
Project Team Members: Creative & Design Director: Valerii Sumilov Designer: Valerii Sumilov Visualizer: Maxim Kulikov
Project Name: Bolgrad
Project Client: Valerii Sumilov

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