Liru and Guo Dali: A Rural Library Designed by GDUPI

Creating a Unique and Accessible Public Space in Xitang Village

Under the background of rural revitalization, GDUPI has designed a rural library that embodies high accessibility, cooperative activities, and cultural value. The project explores the design of micro spaces in rural public areas, aiming to enhance the quality of life in Xitang Village.

In terms of spatial organization, the project utilizes an overlapped and embedded double-enclosure structure. This design choice creates a gray space between indoors and outdoors, enriching people's spatial experience. The overhanging eaves and outer enclosure structure provide shading from the sun and rain, reducing energy consumption in the hot and rainy climate of north Guangdong. Additionally, this design element protects the walls, ensuring the longevity of the building.

The design of the library incorporates a blend of old and new materials, creating a visual contrast that highlights the cultural and historical significance of the village. Traditional pottery tiles and Chinese fir strips compose the facade, representing the village's heritage. The combination of fair-faced concrete and glass reflects the educational philosophy of Mr. Lin Liru, emphasizing breakthroughs, innovation, and a brighter future for the village. By using locally-sourced materials, the building weaves together a new narrative that respects the past while embracing the present.

The design takes into account the climatic conditions of Guangdong, utilizing overlapped double-layer enclosure structures in both buildings. By incorporating the Lingnan traditional architecture principle of the "cold lane," the design creates empty and hollow spaces with varying cross-sectional areas. This configuration enhances ventilation by increasing wind speed and decreasing wind pressure. The outermost enclosure structure of the library features traditional pottery tiles and Chinese fir strips, providing shade, while the second enclosure structure consists of safety glass windows that ensure ample natural light.

The construction of the library involved collaboration between the government, the design team, and the villagers. Recognizing the importance of public spaces in enhancing the quality of life, the villagers actively participated in the design and construction process. Their input and involvement increased their enthusiasm for the project, resulting in a space that truly meets their needs. The library has become a popular destination for nearby villagers, children, and tourists, serving as an educational history research base and a place for community activities.

GDUPI's design of the Liru and Guo Dali rural library in Xitang Village has received recognition for its innovative approach. The project was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in Architecture, Building, and Structure Design in 2023. This accolade acknowledges the project's outstanding creativity and resourcefulness, as well as its contribution to improving the quality of life in rural communities.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Guangdong Urban Rural Planning And Design Institute CO,.LTD.
Image Credits: Guangdong Urban Rural Planning And Design Institute CO,.LTD.
Project Team Members: Xiangming Ma, Hui Wang, Xin Huang,Jianwei Yang,Xiaojun Wu, Rongbin Li, Lei Wang, Huilv Yan, Junan Ren,Delin Wang, Wenxin Zhu, Zepen Wu, Xianghui Wu, Shouan Zhong, Jun Huang, Weifeng Huang, Shujie Hu, XianbiaoXu, Zijian Zhang and Boya Deng
Project Name: Liru and Guo Dali
Project Client: Guangdong Urban Rural Planning And Design Institute CO,.LTD.

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Liru and Guo Dali IMG #5

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