Revitalizing the Brand Image of Yep Collagen Products

Tiger Pan's Innovative Approach to Packaging Design

Exploring the unique design journey of Tiger Pan, who transformed the brand image of Yep, a popular collagen product line, through innovative packaging design inspired by the strength and flexibility of modern women.

Renowned designer Tiger Pan drew inspiration from the diverse figures of women in life for the redesign of Yep's brand image. These women, characterized by their open hearts, youthful mentality, and a blend of fashion and power, served as the muse for the brand's upgrade. The aim was to reflect the stability, strength, and vitality of these women through the brand's new image.

According to the brand owner, the previous brand image was disorganized and chaotic. The redesign aimed to bring order and modern aesthetics to the brand. The outer box of the product, shaped like a triangle, symbolizes the stability and strength of the product and its consumers. The pink and elastic logo exudes a sense of youth and vitality, aligning with the modern aesthetic society.

The packaging of the product was realized using a special recyclable material called paper pulp. The drinkable collagen is contained in a glass bottle, with an iconic collagen symbol printed on the label using a special transparent foil. This gives the label a sense of moisture and vigor, akin to skin.

The design process involved a team of talented individuals. The chief designer was Tiger Pan, with illustration by Ping Yi, technical support from Zhangkun Xie, image editing by Juanjuan Wu, and project management by Hua You. The project, which lasted three months, was designed in Shenzhen.

The redesign of Yep's brand image was not without challenges. The key challenge was to create a distinctive symbol and a unified packaging system that would make it easy for consumers to recognize and pick the product from afar. The brand was successfully upgraded to echo the fashion, power, flexibility, and tenacity of modern women.

The design won the prestigious Golden A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding and trendsetting creation that reflects the designer's prodigy and wisdom. The award is granted to products and ideas that advance art, science, design, and technology, embodying extraordinary excellence and significantly impacting the world with their desirable characteristics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: TIGER PAN
Image Credits: Tiger Pan
Project Team Members: Chief Designer: Tiger Pan Illustrator: Ping Yi Technical Support: Zhangkun Xie Image Editing: Juanjuan Wu Project Manager: Hua You
Project Name: Yep
Project Client: TIGER PAN

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