Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW

Beverage Packaging

For eight years now, Pepsi has been a proud strategic partner at Shanghai Fashion Week (SHFW), and PepsiCo Design and Innovation has played a crucial role in celebrating the latest innovations in fashion. Inspired by the SHFW Spring/Summer 2023 theme of ‘Originate New Nature’, Pepsi Black launched fashion-forward limited-edition packaging and an engaging, on-site virtual experience video.

This year, the Design Team wanted to visually capture the valuable role technology plays in our lives. Technology transforms the way we communicate and has the ability to enhance the natural reality we live in. In these designs, we explored the specific impact of technology on the world of fashion, retail, and innovation, and embraced the unlimited possibilities for the future.

With the limited-edition packaging visuals reflecting the theme ‘Originate New Nature,’ we wanted consumers to feel a sense of extension of time and space. We paired the logo with experimental illustrations and a natural color palette of pink and green against the Pepsi Black background for a bold, multi-layered look. A colorful ring surrounds the signature Pepsi logo, with the graphic stretched in a single, futuristic direction. On pack, deconstructed color blocks were paired together to represent the beauty of breaking boundaries and the reorganization of information. We also stretched the overlapping green and pink graphics to create a feeling of a digital glitch, and the merging of virtual and reality.

To celebrate the 2022 Autumn/Winter theme of Future Builders, whose creations were live-streamed to fashion fans and industry leaders across the globe, PepsiCo Design and Innovation designed a dynamic, visually arresting Pepsi Black that can be elevated with abstract swaths of bold color in two different color tones. They fractured the experimental illustration and then reassembled the broken pieces of color to symbolize the transformative impact of technology on communication, fashion, retail, and innovation.

This Design was awarded Iron in A' Limited Edition and Custom Design Award in 2023. The Iron A' Design Award is given to well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, they provide fulfillment and positive feelings, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Image Credits: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Project Team Members: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Project Name: Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023
Project Client: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023 IMG #2
Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023 IMG #3
Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023 IMG #4
Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023 IMG #5
Pepsi Black x Digital Shanghai FW 2023 IMG #5

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