Cheng-Hsuan Lin's Award-Winning Kids Channel Promo: A Fusion of Imagination and Reality

Exploring the Boundless Creativity in Children's Imagination through Animation

The 2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo, designed by Cheng-Hsuan Lin, is an innovative TVC animation that explores the unlimited imagination of children. This design, which won the Platinum A' Design Award in 2023, brings to life the playful and imaginative world of children, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

The inspiration behind this design stems from the fascinating and boundless imagination of children. Cheng-Hsuan Lin sought to create a design that would resonate with children and encourage their curiosity and creativity. The design features popular cartoon characters in a completely new light, transforming them to fit the imaginative world of children.

What sets this design apart is its unique blend of various creative materials and styles. The animation transitions seamlessly between different styles, creating a fluid narrative that mirrors the unpredictable nature of children's imaginations. The promo ends with a handmade toy airplane taking off, symbolizing the realization of children's imaginations and the channel's commitment to making these dreams come true.

The design was realized using a mix of animation techniques to create a world that reflects children's perspectives. The transitions between different materials and styles were carefully crafted to create a sense of continuity and flow, making the viewer feel as though they are stepping into a child's imaginative world.

The project, which began in May 2020 and concluded in December 2020, was a collaborative effort involving several team members. The team included Director Cheng-Hsuan Lin, Producer Sunber Lo, Shao-Chuan Hsu, and a host of designers, animators, and music designers. The project was executed in Taiwan.

Creating this design posed several challenges, including translating the characters from the kids' channel into different styles that reflect children's interpretations of things. However, the team was able to overcome these challenges and create an animation that encourages children to explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations.

In conclusion, Cheng-Hsuan Lin's 2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo is a testament to the power of imagination and creativity. It is a celebration of the boundless curiosity of children and a reminder of the magic that can be created when we allow our imaginations to run wild. This design is not just an animation; it is an invitation to dream, explore, and create.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: 27 Design
Image Credits: Production & Design: 27 Design Co., Ltd. Music & Sound Production: WinSound Studio Strings: Just Busy Music Studio String Recording Studio: 112F Recording Studio Voice Over Boy: Yi-Le Fu Voice Recording Studio: Fullight Music Recording Studio Voice Recording Engineer: Hsiao-Chin Lin Score Mixer & Dubbing Mixer: Hsiao-Chin Lin
Project Team Members: Director: Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Producer: Sunber Lo, Shao-Chuan Hsu
Art Director: Qian-Han Chen
Designer: Qian-Han Chen, Bonnie Lu, Chung-Yi Wu, Hsiang-Lan Tsai, Ying-Fang Kao
Animator: Bonnie Lu, Chung-Yi Wu, Xiao-Man Lin, Sheng Ting Wu, Wuxi Wang, Chih Hung Ling
Music Design: Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin , Company: WinSound Studio
Strings: Shuon Tsai, Nala Huang, Weapon Gan, Hang Liu , Company: Just Busy Music Studio
String Recording: Zen Chien, Chris Chen , Company: 112F Recording Studio
Project Name: 2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo
Project Client: 27 Design

2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo IMG #2
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo IMG #3
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo IMG #4
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo IMG #5
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo IMG #5

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